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OscarLand: The Day Arrives

  Provocative, almost existential questions have circled this year’s Oscars since seconds after the nominations were announced.  Should the awards, and the Motion Picture Academy’s voting membership, mirror th...
by Mitch Salem


OSCARLAND: SHOWBUZZDAILY’s Complete and “Final” Oscar Predictions

  The following are my final predictions for the 2014 Academy Awards (you can find a much more detailed analysis for all the major categories in our Why and Why Not? posts).  Keep in mind:  (a) I’m often wrong, (b)...
by Mitch Salem



OSCARLAND: Why and Why Not? – Best Picture

  We’ve taken a tour through Best Actress and Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress, and Best Director, and that leaves one last major gold statue to be handed out.  As we have all along, we ...
by Mitch Salem