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FRIDAY 10.3.2014 Box Office Report

Based on Friday’s grosses, weekend #40 of 2014 looks like $129 million for the top 12 films Friday-Sunday, 25% above the norm for this weekend ($104 million).  A great start for the fall movie season. Opening at 3,014 th...
by Mitch Metcalf


Weekend Box Office Predictions 9.26-28.2014

Weekend #39 of 2014 is looking like $97 million for the top 12 films this weekend, up 3% from the norm for this weekend. Opening at around 3,234 theaters Friday (above the 2,886 average theater count for opening weekends the la...
by Mitch Metcalf



Behind the Friday Box Office – 9/19/14

  OPENINGS:  As YA franchises go, the $11.3M opening day for THE MAZE RUNNER (20th) was ahead of the $9.6M for the first Percy Jackson, which ended up with a $31.2M weekend.  Maze is being pitched more to teens than to f...
by Mitch Salem