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CAREERS AT STAKE: Russell Brand, Movie Star?

> Each Friday we will take a look at who has something big riding on the upcoming weekend.  It could be an actor, a director, a studio executive, a marketing team, or even a studio itself.  Today in this inaugural edi...
by Mitch Metcalf


ARTHUR: 12-Step Programmer

> Watch It At Home. Were the executives at Warner Bros so desperate to be in business with Russell Brand that they huddled together in a conference room one day, frantically going through their library titles in search of alcoh...
by Mitch Salem



HOP: Easter Egg Over Easy

> Watch It At Home People complain that Hollywood doesn’t take risks, but Universal went and hired the director of Alvin and the Chipmunks to make a movie about a musical-minded, free-spirit digitally animated character w...
by Mitch Salem