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Box Office Footnotes – 4/22/11

> This Week: Don’t Miss ShowbuzzDaily’s First Annual Summer Blockbuster Draft!   The last weekend of April is an odd one for Hollywood:  as Mitch Metcalf’s analysis shows,sometimes it begins the...
by Mitch Salem


Boxoffice Footnotes – 4/22/11

>Among Tyler Perry movies that feature his Madea character, BIG HAPPY FAMILY is looking relatively weak, but it may have a big Easter Sunday. Other pictures likely to benefit from family crowds include RIO, HOP and SOUL SU...
by Mitch Salem




> Watch It At Home:  Scrupulously accurate, to a fault. In an era that so recently gave us “The Kennedys,” possibly the worst piece of pop culture history ever produced for American television, it seems downrig...
by Mitch Salem