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SHOWBUZZDAILY Season Premiere Review: “Community”

  COMMUNITY:  Episodes 1 & 2 now streaming at Yahoo Screen The first two episodes of COMMUNITY‘s Season 6 are less meta than you’d expect.  Make no mistake, they’re plenty meta, with montages about ...
by Mitch Salem


THE SKED Season Premiere Review: “Community”

  COMMUNITY:  Thursday 8PM on NBC A few days ago, the NY Times had a fascinating article about Pei-Shen Qian, an artist who is almost but not quite a forger.  He doesn’t duplicate actual paintings of the masters; i...
by Mitch Salem




  Truth be told, Season 4 of COMMUNITY was probably closer to what NBC thought it was buying when it originally ordered the show than any of the seasons that preceded it.  Eccentric but not insular, offbeat but not off-pu...
by Mitch Salem