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SHOWBUZZDAILY Series Premiere Review: “Station 19″”

  STATION 19:  Thursday 9PM on ABC – In the Queue STATION 19 probably marks the end of an era at ABC:  unless a pilot developed under her watch is picked up, it will be the last new Shonda Rhimes series at the netw...
by Mitch Salem


SHOWBUZZDAILY Pilot + 1 Review: “Rosewood”

  ROSEWOOD:  Wednesday 8PM on FOX Previously… on ROSEWOOD:  Although he appears to be bursting with good health, Dr. Beaumont Rosewood (Morris Chestnut) has enough congenital illnesses to fell the entire emergency ...
by Mitch Salem



SHOWBUZZDAILY Series Premiere Review: “Rosewood”

  ROSEWOOD:  Wednesday 8PM on FOX – If Nothing Else Is On… If there’s one overriding theme running through the network television premieres this fall, it’s their almost defiant lack of ambition.  ...
by Mitch Salem