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SHOWBUZZDAILY Series Finale Review: “Counterpart”

  Although its production studio MRC is seeking a stay of execution from another network or streaming service, it currently appears as though Starz’s Season 2 finale of COUNTERPART will be the last we see of the show...
by Mitch Salem


SHOWBUZZDAILY Season Finale Review: “The Young Pope”

  Viewed in its 10-hour entirety, THE YOUNG POPE encompassed much of the good and bad of Auteur TV.  HBO, by all appearances, wrote a (very large) check to the arthouse filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino as creator, director and ...
by Mitch Salem



THE SKED Season Finale Review: “Murder In the First”

  The season finale (if it’s lucky) of TNT’s mediocre MURDER IN THE FIRST was rather sad, pallid proof that the powerhouse writer/producer Steven Bochco has been outstripped by the genre he helped invent, the s...
by Mitch Salem