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SHOWBUZZDAILY Series Premiere Review: “Secrets & Lies”

  SECRETS & LIES:  Sunday 9PM on ABC – If Nothing Else Is On… How much do you find yourself missing Gracepoint?  Not Broadchurch, mind you, the brooding and powerful BBC child-murder mystery (which is ret...
by Mitch Salem


NIELSENWAR 2014-15 Trailer Review: “Secrets and Lies”

  SECRETS AND LIES:  Midseason TBD on ABC THE FACTS:  Another ABC murder soap, this one starring Ryan Phillippe as a man who finds the body of a neighbor’s child in the woods, KaDee Strickland as his wife, and Juli...
by Mitch Salem




  PRIVATE PRACTICE:  Tuesday 10PM on ABC WHERE WE WERE:  Absorbing a lot of drama.  Pete (Tim Daly) was arrested for his part in a mercy-killing.  Addison (Kate Walsh), having chosen to finally begin her romance with J...
by Mitch Salem