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SHOWBUZZDAILY Toronto Film Festival Reviews: “The Guilty,” “Lakewood” & “The Starling”

  THE GUILTY (Netflix – Oct. 1):  One way to cope with the challenges and costs of movie production during Covid is to limit the number of actors who have to be in front of the camera.  That’s tough for a thr...
by Mitch Salem


ShowbuzzDaily Sundance Film Festival Reviews: “Monster” & “Beirut”

  MONSTER (no distrib):  There’s less than meets the eye in Anthony Mandler’s Monster.  Based by Colen C. Wiley, Radha Black and Janece Shaffer on Walter Dean Myers’ novel, it seems like it’s goin...
by Mitch Salem



THE SKED Pilot + 1 Review: “Crisis”

  CRISIS:  Sunday 10PM on NBC Previously… on CRISIS:  On its way to a field trip in New York, a class of students from a Washington DC private school are kidnapped by a large and well-organized group of captors, an...
by Mitch Salem



  The prevailing atmosphere in Denis Villenueve’s PRISONERS will be familiar to anyone who’s been watching cable TV drama for the past few years.  Gloom, grief, hopelessness, helpless rage–it’s h...
by Mitch Salem