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SHOWBUZZDAILY Review: “Saturday Night Live” with Donald Trump

  Whether it was appropriate in the first place (other than for ratings, obviously) for¬†SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE to turn over 90 minutes of its hugely valuable, non-news airtime to Donald Trump, who already gets more media att...
by Mitch Salem


SHOWBUZZDAILY Review: “Saturday Night Live” with Tracy Morgan

  The return of Tracy Morgan to SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE after his long convalescence from a devastating auto accident was an event, and the show treated it as such, with guest appearances from Morgan’s 30 Rock co-stars T...
by Mitch Salem




  Yesterday, we looked at the major Movies/Miniseries categories at Sunday’s Emmy Awards.¬† Today it’s time for the season’s honored comedies: COMEDY SERIES “The Big Bang Theory” (CBS) “...
by Mitch Salem