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> It’s actually harder to come up with a manageable list of Honorable Mention movies than a Top 10, because there are so many films that are eminently worth seeking out and seeing, but perhaps a little bit flawed–so...
by Mitch Salem


THE BIJOU: Weekend Boxoffice Footnotes – 10/2/11

> Sony is taking an interesting strategy this fall:  with MONEYBALL in release, THE IDES OF MARCH opening on Friday and ANONYMOUS coming on October 28, they’re cornering the market on upscale, wide-release drama unti...
by Mitch Salem



THE BIJOU: Boxoffice Footnotes – 9/25/11

> No doubt the enormous success of THE LION KING hasn’t been lost on anyone at Disney, and we can expect to see 3D reissues of more classic animation over the next few years, leading into yet more homevideo editions. If n...
by Mitch Salem