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Behind the Friday Box Office – 2/7/14

  Note:  all weekend-to-weekend comparisons to Jan 31-Feb 2 will look better than usual because of last week’s Super Bowl Sunday, which sharply depressed box office for the day. OPENINGS:  THE LEGO MOVIE (Warners) ...
by Mitch Salem


Behind the Friday Box Office – 1/31/14

  Even by Super Bowl Weekend standards, this one is likely to be dim. OPENINGS:  Despite aggressive preliminary estimates, THAT AWKWARD MOMENT (Focus/Universal) couldn’t even carry the day on Friday with $3.9M, and ...
by Mitch Salem



Behind the Friday Box Office – 1/17/14

  OPENINGS:  Kevin Hart has been hanging around the edges of being a movie star for a few years now, and RIDE ALONG (Universal) makes it official.  With a $14.5M Friday start, it could challenge Cloverfield for the Marti...
by Mitch Salem