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EARLY FRIDAY BOX OFFICE: “Hidden Figures” Challenges “Rogue One” & “Sing”

  It’s shaping up to be a close race at the box office this weekend, and with the result likely to come down to performance on Sunday, we may not know the winner for sure until final numbers are issued on Monday.  H...
by Mitch Salem


EARLY FRIDAY BOX OFFICE: “Rogue One” & “Sing” On Top Again, “La La Land” To Become 2016’s #1 Indie

  There were no new openings for New Year’s weekend, and not much in the way of surprises among the returning titles.  ROGUE ONE (Lucasfilm/Disney) continued its ride through the holidays with $18.1M on Friday accor...
by Mitch Salem



EARLY FRIDAY BOX OFFICE: The Force Stays With “Rogue One,” “Sing” Tuneful, “Passengers” & “Assassin’s Creed” Lag Behind

  We’re now officially in the Christmas-to-New-Year’s holiday box office period, and the general form is going to follow 2015 fairly closely, with a Star Wars installment clearly in the lead (albeit much less l...
by Mitch Salem