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EARLY FRIDAY BOX OFFICE: “Aquaman” Stays Strong, Solid Start For “Escape Room”

  Box office years typically start slow, with strong holds for holiday openings, and that’s proving to be the case for 2019 as well.  AQUAMAN (DC/Warners) will retain its crown, as early numbers at Deadline indicate...
by Mitch Salem


EARLY FRIDAY BOX OFFICE: “Aquaman” Swims Long-Distance, “Mary Poppins” Up, “Vice,” “Holmes & Watson” Soft

  The holiday box office has turned out to be AQUAMAN (DC/Warners), and then everything else.  Preliminary numbers at Deadline have its 3rd Friday at $16.8M, up 15% from Thursday and down 40% from last Friday, for a likel...
by Mitch Salem



EARLY FRIDAY BOX OFFICE: “Aquaman” Swims Past “Mary Poppins,” “Bumblebee”

  Considering the spotty box office record of the DC movie franchise, it was something of a risk to place AQUAMAN (DC/Warners) at the center of the holiday market, but the bet is paying off, at least to an extent.  Accord...
by Mitch Salem