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SHOWBUZZDAILY Season Finale Review: “Broadchurch”

  The first season of BROADCHURCH was a phenomenon in the UK, one that prompted the ill-fated FOX US remake Gracepoint, and also, back in England, the somewhat controversial decision to renew the series beyond its seemi...
by Mitch Salem


SHOWBUZZDAILY Pilot + 1 Review: “Gracepoint”

  GRACEPOINT:  Thursday 9PM on FOX Previously… on GRACEPOINT:  In the small seaside town of Gracepoint, in the western US (as opposed to the small seaside town of Broadchurch in the UK, where the BBC version of the...
by Mitch Salem



THE SKED Pilot + 1 Review: “Fargo”

  FARGO:  Tuesday 10PM on FX – DVR Alert Previously… on FARGO:  It’s chance that puts mild-mannered, beaten-down Bemidji, Minnesota insurance salesman Lester Nygaard (Martin Freeman) beside sociopath Lo...
by Mitch Salem