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SHOWBUZZDAILY Series Premiere Review: “Kevin (Probably) Saves the World”

  KEVIN (PROBABLY) SAVES THE WORLD:  Tuesday 10PM on ABC – In the Queue ABC’s KEVIN (PROBABLY) SAVES THE WORLD is the closest any broadcast network has to a Big Swing this fall, and as such, it deserves some r...
by Mitch Salem


SHOWBUZZDAILY Season Finale Review: “Agent Carter”

  The signs are foreboding for AGENT CARTER:  not only have the Season 2 ratings gone from lukewarm to frigid, but star Hayley Atwell has signed for another ABC pilot (although since the same studio and network are involv...
by Mitch Salem



SHOWBUZZDAILY Season Premiere Review: “Agent Carter”

  AGENT CARTER:  Tuesday 9PM on ABC Under showrunners Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas, the second season of ABC/Marvel’s retro comic book adventure AGENT CARTER, at least in the early going, makes a less strenuous ...
by Mitch Salem