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THURSDAY BOXOFFICE: “Man of Steel” Flies High… Sort Of

  In midnight shows last night, MAN OF STEEL (Warners) grossed $9M, a fine but hardly exceptional result for a mega-movie opening.  (Nowhere near the $18.7M for The Avengers, let alone the $30.7M for The Dark Knight Rises...
by Mitch Salem


THURSDAY BOXOFFICE: “Star Trek” Doesn’t Go So Boldly

  The Hollywood Reporter has the Thursday boxoffice for STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS (Paramount) at $13.5M, which given the strong reviews and general hype would be a tad disappointing.  Comparisons with the 2009 Star Trek ar...
by Mitch Salem



UPDATED: THURSDAY BOXOFFICE: Emptier Chairs At Emptier Tables For Les Miz

  NOTE:  THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED THROUGHOUT TO REFLECT OFFICIAL STUDIO ESTIMATES FOR THURSDAY. As is customary during Christmas-New Year’s week, the majority of the holiday movies stayed fairly stable on Thursday...
by Mitch Salem