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THE SKED: Showtime’s Big Night

  The Sunday cable numbers will mostly be released tomorrow, but Showtime was in an understandable hurry to get out the fast news about last night’s numbers. In total audience (the 18-49 demo numbers are still in pro...
by Mitch Salem



  TREME:  Sunday 10PM on HBO   WHERE WE WERE:  New Orleans, of course, and hip-deep in the lives of a dozen struggling, striving, stubborn, idiosyncratic natives and recent arrivals.  These include the feckless tro...
by Mitch Salem



COUNTING TO 10: The Emmy Nominations

> The Emmys, of all show-business awards, lend themselves least to surprise.  That’s because they’re the only group that nominate and award continuing series, meaning that the same high-quality shows repeat yea...
by Mitch Salem