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NIELSENWAR: On “The Good Wife” and The Business of Plot Twists

  {Note:  SPOILERS will follow the weekly and season-to-date ratings below.} None of the networks are anywhere a 2 rating at this point of the season, with CBS on top last week thanks to its Mon-Wed line-up and less than ...
by Mitch Salem


NIELSENWAR: “The Good Wife” and the Best Showrunner Emmy That Doesn’t Exist

  NOTE:  Weekly and Season To Date Ratings Charts Are Below The war is over:  victory is television’s (make that “television”), which after decades of being considered the Fredo Corleone of dramatic nar...
by Mitch Salem



NIELSENWAR: Welcome To The Break

  NOTE: Season To Date and Weekly Network Ratings Charts Are Below Tonight is the last Monday of November sweeps, and with some variation (most notably because of baseball on FOX), most network series have been airing new...
by Mitch Salem