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EARLY WEDNESDAY BOX OFFICE: “Moana” Dominates “Fantastic Beasts,” Drowns Everything Else

  Based on preliminary numbers at Deadline, MOANA (Disney Animation) is going to have a dominant and perhaps even historic Thanksgiving weekend.  Disney’s latest blockbuster blew past predictions with a $15.4M openi...
by Mitch Salem


EARLY WEDNESDAY BOX OFFICE: “The Hateful Eight” Goes Wide

  In the bygone movie palace days Quentin Tarantino worships, exclusive “roadshow” engagements of major Hollywood releases sometimes ran for months before the films spread nationwide.  The super-hyped 70mm rel...
by Mitch Salem




  Note:  Updated With Official Wednesday Studio Estimates It’s going to be a sensational holiday for DESPICABLE ME 2 (Universal).  he sequel had the third-best opening day for any animated movie ever with $34.3M on...
by Mitch Salem