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Toronto Film Festival Reviews: “Women Talking” & “Saint Omer”

  WOMEN TALKING (UA/MGM/Amazon – December 9):  In an insular Mennonite community, the woman have always believed what the men told them, that when they awake to discover evidence of sexual assault and thereafter som...
by Mitch Salem


SHOWBUZZDAILY Season Premiere: “Girls”

  GIRLS:  Sunday 10PM on HBO As HBO’s GIRLS begins its 6th and final season, it somehow feels older than it actually is.  That’s the way it is with television now:  the revolutionary can become the familiar ...
by Mitch Salem



PREMIERING TONIGHT: FOX’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

  BROOKLYN NINE-NINE:  Tuesday 8:30PM on FOX – Potential DVR Alert BROOKLYN NINE-NINE is the kind of sitcom that can go very right or extremely wrong:  an ensemble about kooky homicide detectives, anchored by form...
by Mitch Salem