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EARLY FRIDAY BOX OFFICE: “Solo” Fades, “Adrift” Becalmed, “Upgrade” OK, “Action Point” Splatters

  There’s usually a box office hangover after a holiday weekend opening, but the Friday-to-Friday drop for SOLO (Lucasfilm/Disney) was particularly sour, down 77% to $8M in preliminary numbers at Deadline, compared t...
by Mitch Salem


EARLY FRIDAY BOX OFFICE: “Solo” Lonesome, “Deadpool 2″” Down Heavily To Kick Off Memorial Day Weekend

  This may be a good time to pause the stories about Disney’s infalliability, and the unstoppable dominance of the Star Wars franchise.  SOLO (Lucasfilm/Disney) is underperforming in a big way, with preliminary numb...
by Mitch Salem