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SHOWBUZZDAILY Review: The Oscars

  There were no surprises of any scale at tonight’s ACADEMY AWARDS (a full list of winners is here) , and that went for the telecast, too.  Neil Patrick Harris was as personable a host as anticipated, and he/his wr...
by Mitch Salem


OSCARLAND: Post-Mortem on Hollywood’s Yearly Selfie

  The only thing more boring than a typical Oscars is one without surprises, and the closest thing to a major upset this year turned out to be Disney’s loss in the Best Animated Short category.  (The studio almost i...
by Mitch Salem



THE DAY AFTER: Oscar Thoughts

  There are 4 ways an Oscar night can be memorable: A Great Host:  Seth MacFarlane was bad–maybe not James Franco bad, but bad.  The ways he was bad, though, weren’t in any way unexpected.  Meta-gags and cou...
by Mitch Salem