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Behind the Weekend US/Worldwide Box Office – 7/13/14

  OPENINGS:  DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES (20th) brought in $73M in the US, and added $31.1M in 26 (mostly smaller) international markets.  While a terrific boost to the franchise (which rebooted at $54.8M with Rise 3 ...
by Mitch Salem


Behind the Weekend US/Worldwide Box Office – 7/6/14

  OPENINGS:  It was a sad lot of newcomers this holiday weekend.  TAMMY (Warners) is claiming a $21.2M weekend ($32.9M including Wed-Thurs), which will leave it struggling to get past $70M in the US.  (It also brought i...
by Mitch Salem



UPDATED: The “Transformers 4″” $100M Controversy & Behind the Weekend Box Office

  MONDAY UPDATE:  In the face of widespread industry skepticism, Paramount is sticking to its claim that TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION earned $100M last weekend–actually, $100,038, 390.  (The consensus is that th...
by Mitch Salem