September 16, 2011

THE SKED: FRIDAY Ratings This Fall

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Written by: Mitch Salem
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FRIDAYS this Fall officially start September 23, and no one really cares.  Very few new shows are premiering on the night, and many premieres will be delayed.  If you have some time on your hands, click “read more” to see the latest RATINGS PROJECTIONS for Friday nights.  Or just go ahead and skip to Sunday night’s post.

The projected ratings have not changed much since our original estimates back in May.  CBS is programming the night most aggressively, with three scripted dramas, but we expect them to do only marginally better than the competition.  NBC has two hours of scripted series, both of which we expect to struggle mightily.  ABC and FOX turn to lower-cost reality programs and will get about the same rating as everyone else for much less cost.

An important note:  the ratings estimates are for original episodes across the entire Fall (from mid-September through mid-December).  Generally, a series will premiere at a high level and then settle into a more normal number by week four-six.  The important number to look at as the season unfolds is the average-to-date column at the far right.  By the time episode four rolls around, look at the average of episodes one-four and you should have a pretty good idea how the fall — and the entire season — will sort out.  CW shows are not currently estimated because we have incomplete historical data for the network’s time periods.  CW estimates should be available later this season or early next season. 

FRIDAY FALL 2011    Estimates         Episode Rating     
                    May   Sep   #1   #2   #3   #4   #5   #6   Avg
 800 Extreme Makeov 1.4   1.4   

 900 Shark Tank     1.4   1.3   
1000 20/20          1.5   1.3   9/16 
 800 A Gifted Man   1.1   1.2   9/23
 900 CSI New York   1.5   1.5   9/23
1000 Blue Bloods    1.6   1.6   9/23
 800 Chuck          1.2   1.2   10/21
 900 Grimm          1.2   1.2   10/21
1000 Dateline NBC   1.2   1.3   9/16
 800 Kitchen Nightm 1.5   1.5   9/23   
 900 Fringe         1.3   1.3   9/23
 800 Nikita         n/a   n/a   9/23
 900 Supernatural   n/a   n/a   9/23

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