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Behind the Weekend US/Worldwide Box Office – 10/26/14

  OPENINGS:  Cheap PG-13 horror movies are the assembly-line workers of the studios, rarely resulting in showy profits, but paying the bills between blockbusters.  OUIJA (Universal) and its $20.006M opening (we’ll ...
by Mitch Salem


Behind the US/Worldwide Weekend Box Office – 10/19/14

  OPENINGS:  The $23.5M opening for FURY (QED/Columbia/Sony) puts it at risk of being passed next weekend by the low-grade Keanu Reeves vehicle John Wick.  Fury has the distinction of being the lowest-grossing movie to o...
by Mitch Salem



EARLY WEEKEND BOX OFFICE: “Fury” Wins Meekly, “Gone Girl” Still Strong

  FURY (QED/Columbia/Sony) continued to win but underwhelm on Saturday.  According to preliminary numbers at Deadline, Brad Pitt’s somber action vehicle was up 3-4% at most from Friday, and possibly not up at all wi...
by Mitch Salem