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OSCARS MINUS 6: The “Argo”-ness of It All

  So, is it over? It certainly feels over.  Voting for the Academy Awards ends tomorrow, and last night’s win at the Writers Guild for Best Adapted Screenplay cemented Argo’s astonishing streak of victories ov...
by Mitch Salem



> The Academy, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to fiddle once again with the Best Picture category.  Instead of 5 nominees, as was the case pre-2009, or 10, as we’ve had the past 2 years, now no one will know jus...
by Mitch Salem



OSCAR ODDS: An Early Look

  As the movie awards season starts to get going, here’s an early look at how the betting odds are shaping up on the Internet.  Lincoln is the clear favorite for Best Picture, with bookmakers offering a little unde...
by Mitch Metcalf