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EARLY FRIDAY BOX OFFICE: “Spider-Man” Is Big–But How Big?

  Friday night numbers for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 (Sony) should be considered more preliminary than usual, because the $34-35M figures for the day at Deadline and elsewhere are based on the idea that while Amazing 2 had ...
by Mitch Salem


Behind the Friday Box Office – 5/2/14

  OPENINGS:  The opening day of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 (Sony) was actually a touch behind the opening day of the first Amazing ($35.2M to $35.9M).  However the earlier movie had a different trajectory, opening on the T...
by Mitch Salem



Behind the Friday Box Office – 4/25/14

  This will be the last weekend without a mega-hit on top for a while. OPENINGS:  THE OTHER WOMAN (20th) will take the weekend with around $25M after a $9.3M Friday, and the potentially better news is that Diaz’s la...
by Mitch Salem