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Box Office Footnotes – 4/22/11

> This Week: Don’t Miss ShowbuzzDaily’s First Annual Summer Blockbuster Draft!   The last weekend of April is an odd one for Hollywood:  as Mitch Metcalf’s analysis shows,sometimes it begins the...
by Mitch Salem


SOMETHING BORROWED: The Weekend’s Not-Thor

> Watch it At Home;  Something Acceptable. As romantic comedies with Kate Hudson go, SOMETHING BORROWED isn’t so bad.  After her spectacular debut in Almost Famous, Hudson’s become something of a brand nam...
by Mitch Salem



Box Office Footnotes – 5/6/11

> The weekend multiples this week are a little high for movies that skew to women like Something Borrowed, Jumping the Broom and Water for Elephants due to Mother’s Day, when many families treat mom to a flick. The Thor n...
by Mitch Salem