July 12, 2011



With a summer movie season bracketed by the first weekend in May on one end, and Labor Day on the other, we’ve reached the midpoint of 2011’s array of blockbusters, and for the next week, here at SHOWBUZZDAILY, we’ll be providing our judgments on how the studios are doing.  US Grosses and Overseas Grosses are as of July 10, 2011.
Today:  The Ministry of Magic

US Release:  May 26
US Gross:  $250,817,247
Overseas Gross:  $310,400,000
Worldwide Total:  $561,217,247
US Release:  June 17

US Gross:  $109,731,181

Overseas Gross:  $33,300,000

Worldwide Total:  $143,031,181


US Release:  July 8
US Gross:  $28,302,165
Overseas Gross:  n/a (not yet released overseas)
Worldwide Total:  n/a

THE HANGOVER PART II, with a moderate (for a summer tentpole release) $80M budget, is a printing press of money.  Already $100M more successful than its predecessor (worldwide–like every other summer franchise, it’s a bit weaker domestically), it’s one of the most profitable series around, and will certainly continue as long as the talent wants to keep going.  (One long-term downside:  unlike a superhero franchise, it’ll be harder to “reboot” once the original stars leave.)

GREEN LANTERN, on the other hand, is a primer in ineffective franchise creation.  Bad movie + bad ad campaign = bad boxoffice/red ink.  Torpedoed Ryan Reynolds’ campaign to be declared a movie star, and didn’t do anything for Blake Lively, either.  Along the way, it even hurt the cause of 3D movies. 

HORRIBLE BOSSES is off to a nice start, but it’s still early,  The big question, for this and the other successful R-rated summer comedies (other than Hangover 2) is whether it can do any significant business overseas.


Critics hated HANGOVER 2 (35% on Rotten Tomatoes), but everyone went to see it–making up for our unpopulist view on Bridesmaids, at Showbuzzdaily we were kinder to the movie than most.

GREEN LANTERN was unquestionably awful, with a pathetic 26% score at RT.

HORRIBLE BOSSES is OK, not much more than that–its 73% RT score doesn’t indicate great love for the film so much as widespread mild affection. 

HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS (PART 2) – July 15:   Yeah, this one may make a few bucks.  The early reviews, mostly from the UK, are first rate (93% on RT), and really the only questions are whether it’ll get to $1 billion, and beat Transformers 3 for #1 picture of the summer–both seem like pretty good bets.

CRAZY STUPID LOVE – July 29: A really fine movie that combines big laughs with surprising emotional texture.  It should open fairly well, but will need great reviews (which it deserves) to hang around in theatres long enough to hit that next level of boxoffice success. 

FINAL DESTINATION 5 – August 12:  Is it really just #5?  It feels like this franchise has been around as long as Jason and his hockey mask.  The last one made $186M worldwide–this one will probably do less, particularly in the US where the stunt of 3D killings has worn off.  Still, it could earn enough to keep the franchise alive, which is more than can be said for its characters.  


THE MONEY:  B+, with Hangover and Harry Potter installments, not even Green Lantern can do that much damage.

THE QUALITY:  C+, but they’ve been saving their good stuff.
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