February 6, 2015


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Written by: Mitch Metcalf
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The AUDIENCE MAP series continues with a look at the detailed demographics for FOX’s primetime schedule for this season to date.  As a reminder, the audience shares for 30 distinct gender-age groups are displayed for each program below.  Programs in the chart are grouped by night so you can see the audience flow from 8:00 pm/ 7:00C to 10:00 pm/9:00C.

Since its inception in 1986, FOX has always aimed younger than the legacy broadcast networks.  It remains the only network that successfully hits 25-39 year olds on most nights.  Thursday remains a bit of an anomaly — a rare FOX night that resembles more of an older CBS skew.  However, the biggest success of the season — for FOX and for broadcasting in general — can be found on Wednesday.  Empire is that rare show that delivers big numbers across a very wide age spectrum.  Empire boasts double-digit shares with women between the ages of 12 and 64 and with most male groups between 21 and 39.  Combined with American Idol, FOX Wednesday shows what is still possible on television.

How does your favorite FOX show look? Check it out below. 

Audience Map FOX Prime Fall 2014 Within

The chart above color codes the audience segments by comparing the viewing levels within each show.  The highs and lows of each show are colored green and red, and a hit show’s red box could be yellow or even green on a struggling show.  In contrast, the chart below takes a wider view and compares all the viewing levels of all the FOX shows against each other.  The greens boxes below display the highest audience shares across the entire FOX primetime schedule.  The data in both charts are the same — the color comparisons are just presenting different angles.  Use the one that best meets your needs or preferences.

Audience Map FOX Prime Fall 2014 Across

Coming next week: AUDIENCE MAP for NBC primetime, a TV schedule version of Heaven (any night with NFL or The Voice) and Hell (long stretches of cratered moonscape, devoid of life and viewers).

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