June 2, 2024

Behind the US/Worldwide Weekend Box Office – 6.2.2024


OPENINGS:  The major studios abandoned this normally prime summer-season weekend, and a flood of indies rushed in to grab the available theaters.  None were able to capitalize to a particularly notable extent, with the anime HAIKYUU: THE DUMPSTER BATTLE (Crunchyroll/Sony) faring best at $3.5M.  The genre is typically very frontloaded, so Haikyuu may not get past $10M in the US (it dropped over 50% between Friday and Saturday).  However, it has $76.7M overseas, $69M of that from its home territory of Japan.

The avant-garde slasher movie IN A VIOLENT MANNER (IFC) was a notch down with $2.1M at 1426 theaters (a weekend per-theater $1500 average).  It was followed by the family dramedy EZRA (Bleecker Street) with $1.2M at 1320 ($900 average), elder-com SUMMER CAMP (Roadside) with $1.1M at 1787 ($600 average), and western THE DEAD DON’T HURT (Shout) with $350K at 735 ($500 average).  Only the latter title has been released overseas, where it has $600K to date.

BABES (Neon) expanded to 1118 theaters and earned $900K, averaging $800.  It’s US-only for now.

HOLDOVERS:  After last week’s back-and-forth battle with Furiosa, this time THE GARFIELD MOVIE (Alcon/Columbia/Sony) was the clear victor, down 42% to $14M, and on its way to $90M in the US.  In addition, Garfield has $100.7M overseas after a $27.1M weekend in 60 markets.  Its very moderate production budget should allow it to reach profit.

IF (Paramount) continued to hold well, down 33% to $10.8M in its 3rd weekend as it headed to $110M in the US.  However, it continued to be weaker internationally, with $57.6M after an $11M weekend in 69 territories.  A $200M worldwide total won’t recoup its production/marketing costs.

Advocates for FURIOSA: A MAD MAX SAGA (Warners) hoped that it would have a long theatrical tail that would help it get out of red ink.  But while Mad Max: Fury Road dipped 46% in its 2nd weekend, Furiosa was down 59% to $10.8M, and may not pass $80M in the US.  It has $64.7M internationally after a $27M weekend in 77 markets.

The closest thing to a summer box office bright spot remained KINGDOM OF THE PLANET OF THE APES (20th/Disney), down 34% to $8.4M in its 4th weekend, on target for $165M in the US.  The overseas total is $197.1M after a $15.2M weekend in 52 territories.

Although THE FALL GUY (Universal, also on VOD) won’t be profitable, it’s persisted nicely from its low start, down 30% to $4.2M in its 5th weekend, and likely to hit $90M in the US.  It has $77.6M internationally.

THE STRANGERS: CHAPTER 1 (Lionsgate), with the horror market largely to itself, has held nicely, down 36% to $3.6M, and capable of reaching $40M in the US.  In early overseas release, it has $3.7M to date.

SIGHT (Angel) took the biggest hit in the Top 10, down 61% to $1.1M, and probably won’t see $10M in the US.  It hasn’t opened internationally.

LIMITED RELEASE:  There are no official box office numbers for YOUNG WOMAN AND THE SEA (Disney), which the studio is releasing briefly in theaters for awards qualification before a shift to streaming, but reports have it at $500K in about 300 theaters.  ROBOT DREAMS (Neon) opened with a $16K average at 2.

NEXT WEEKEND:  Hollywood returns to the summer fray with BAD BOYS: RIDE OR DIE (Columbia/Sony) and THE WATCHERS (New Line/Warners). 


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