May 26, 2013

Box Office Year to Date and Studio Scorecard

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Written by: Mitch Metcalf
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STUDIO SCORECARD.  Disney remains in the #1 spot in the worldwide box office chart for 2013, but Universal has moved into second place with strong domestic and international performance from Fast & Furious 6.  Imagine if the studio could produce and distribute more films that overseas audiences wanted to see.  Some studios have slates that significantly over-perform the domestic grosses (Disney’s overseas total is 1.6 times domestic, 20th Century Fox is a very good 1.7 times, and even Summit has a 1.6 overseas performance factor).  But Universal (0.76 overseas performance factor) and Warner Brothers (a very bad 0.61) are really hampered by films that don’t travel as well.

Studio YTD May 26 2013


Looking at wide-release films in North America (those that play on at least 400 screens at some point), 2013 now totals just over $3.4 billion, now down 9% from 2012 and down only 2% from the prior four-year average 2009-2012.  Each year-to-date period below is defined as the first Monday after New Year’s Day through the most recent Sunday.  The past week generated an amazing $318 million in wide-release North American box office, up 69% from the same week last year but up 59% from the 2009-2012 average for the same week.  (The most recent week’s numbers are based on weekend estimates, which are usually at worst a couple of percentage points of the final weekend tallies.)

North American Box Office YEAR TO DATE
(billions) Weeks 1-20
2012 $3.786 Jan 2-May 20
2010 $3.551 Jan 4-May 23
2009 $3.496 Jan 5-May 24
2013 $3.443 Jan 7-May 26
2011 $3.174 Jan 3-May 22

Over the past six weeks, 2013 is now 4% above the same six weeks in 2012 and up 14% from the four-year average in the same time frame.

North American Box Office LAST SIX WEEKS
(billions) Weeks 15-20
2013 $1.211 Apr 15-May 26
2012 $1.162 Apr 9-May 20
2011 $1.102 Apr 11-May 22
2009 $1.055 Apr 13-May 24
2010 $.933 Apr 12-May 23


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