December 22, 2011

THE SKED: “American Horror” Haunts On

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Written by: Mitch Salem
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When you watched the tableau of the all-dead Harmon family in the season finale of AMERICAN HORROR STORY merrily trimming the tree while a Christmas carol played in the background, did you think “Oh boy, I can’t wait to see what terrors await them next season!”  Or “How long will Violet really resist the charms of her psychopathic mass-murderer beau?”  Well, dream on, because we’ve seen the last of the Harmons and their Murder House.

Horror honcho Ryan Murphy revealed today that next season (and in each succeeding season), the entire plotline, location and set of characters will be changed, so we’ll be in an entirely new haunted locale.  (Supposedly there’s a clue as to where Season 2 will take place somewhere in the last 3 episodes of this past season.)  It’s possible that a few original cast members will show up in Horror 2.0, but if they do, they’ll be playing different characters, with no relation to the ones they played this season.
It’s an unusual move that basically requires the show to relaunch every season, with the title and general theme of spookiness in the US the only returning elements.  But it promises to keep the show fresh– and how many more residents of Murder House could we have watched, anyway?  
Murphy says details of Season 2 will be announced in February,.

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