June 11, 2013

THE SKED: Fri-Mon Cable Ratings



STARZ:  The season finale of DA VINCI’S DEMONS didn’t suggest much enthusiasm for Season 2, with a 0.1 rating in the 18-49 demo and less than 400K total viewers on its initial airing.  It didn’t earn a particularly young audience, either, with about 60% of its viewers over 50.

SYFY:  CONTINUUM had an unexciting 0.4 in the demo and 1.4M total viewers (also 60% over 50).


HBO:  To no one’s surprise, GAME OF THRONES owned the night with a giant 2.9 in the 18-49 demo and 5.4M viewers–even though, as always, the show was available in only 1/3 of US households.  The show earned another 0.4/900K viewers with its 11PM rebroadcast.  2/3 of its viewers are under 50.  VEEP lost the vast bulk of that crowd, as usual, and was actually down from last week at 0.6 and 1.1M total viewers.  However, it does have the distinction of skewing even younger than Game, with 70% of its viewers under 50.  FAMILY TREE was also down a bit from last week to a weak 0.2 in 18-49s and 475K total viewers, although at least 65% of viewers are in the 18-49 demo.

TNT:  The Season 3 premiere of FALLING SKIES held well from last season, especially considering the competition on HBO, with a 1.5 rating in 18-49s and 4.2M viewers (plus another 0.5/1.4M for the 11PM reairing, a very solid number that’s probably due to people watching Games at 9PM).  About 45% of its audience is under 50.

AMC:  As MAD MEN heads toward its season finale, it perked up a bit with 0.8 in the demo and 2.2M viewers (old-skewing as usual with about 55% of its viewers over 50).  THE KILLING remained at a rounded-up 0.4 in the demo, but it was down from last week by about 15%, and likewise in total viewers, with 1.5M (making Mad Men look young with 2/3 of its viewers over 50).

LIFETIME:  Both ARMY WIVES and THE CLIENT LIST dipped, even though Army Wives was airing its season finale.  Both were at 0.7 in the demo, with respective total viewer numbers of 2.4M and 2M (65% and 57% over 50).

SHOWTIME:  NURSE JACKIE, just renewed for anothe rseason, was stable with 0.3 in the demo and 800K viewers (about 50/50 between over and under 50s).  THE BORGIAS, newly canceled, slipped although it remained at 0.2 in the demo, with 600K viewers (one-third of them under 50).


ABCFAMILY:  The midseason premiere of SWITCHED AT BIRTH was around even with its premiere earlier in the season, with 1.7M total viewers and 0.7 in 18-49s (and 900K viewers in the network’s 12-34 target demo).  Impressively, even though the 18-49 Switched number was below its Secret Life of the American Teenager finale lead-in last week, THE FOSTERS went up to 1.7M viewers and 0.6 in the 18-49 demo (and almost 1M 12-34 viewers, up 36% from last week).  That seems to suggest some strong word of mouth off the premiere.

TNT:  The season premiere of MAJOR CRIMES had 5M viewers and a 0.9 in 18-49s, not surprisingly skewing old with less than 25% of its viewers under 50.  The premiere of KING & MAXWELL had 3.5M viewers and 0.6 in the demo, about the same skew.

LIFETIME:  After THE GLADES had 2.3M viewers and 0.6 in the demo, LONGMIRE was at 3.6M and 0.7, both down slightly in all categories with roughly 25% of their viewers over 50.

SYFY:  DEFIANCE was steady with 1.9M total viewers and 0.6 in the demo, but WAREHOUSE 13 had a strong night, up 0.2 to 0.5 in the demo and up 350K viewers to 1.7M.  The audience for both shows was about 60% over 50.

MTV:  TEEN WOLF held its 1.0 in the 18-49 demo in its second week; it was down in total viewers to 2.1M, but MTV isn’t targeted to the older audience.


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