April 1, 2013

UPDATED–THE SKED: “Game Of Thrones,” “Walking Dead,” “The Bible” All Huge On Sunday


More numbers have been released for Sunday night’s event cable airings, and it was a big night for everyone.  The most voracious bite came from the Season 3 finale of THE WALKING DEAD, setting a new record with 12.4M total viewers for the 9PM initial airing alone.  It also had 8.1M 18-49 viewers, making it the highest rated show of the week in broadcast or cable television.  In fact, the full season of Walking Dead set a new mark in the history of television by outrating every series everywhere, moving ahead of The Big Bang Theory and more than a point ahead of The Voice.  The giant finale also sparked a record for TALKING DEAD, its weekly post-game show, with 5.2M total viewers, 3.3M of them under 50 (around a 2.5 rating).

Meanwhile, the finale of THE BIBLE on History Channel drew 11.7M Easter Sunday viewers.  (History claims that in the final hour of the 2-hour telecast, Bible had 12.33M viewers and Walking Dead, contrary to AMC’s tally, had only 12.29M, to which the only reasonable response is–honey, you’re both pretty.)  UPDATE:  The disparity between the AMC and History Channel numbers is due to the fact that Walking Dead actually ran 65 minutes on Sunday–apparently there was a slight bump in its number in that extra 5 minutes, and if that’s deducted, Bible was slightly ahead for the literal 9-10PM hour.  This was not, however, a series record, as the premiere had 13.1M total viewers.  Bible skewed much older than Walking Dead, but still managed to pull in 3.9M 18-49s.

Even with that massive competition, fans of GAME OF THRONES turned out like Dothraki warriors for the show’s Season 3 premiere, setting a new series record with 4.4M viewers for the initial 9PM airing (up 200,000 from the show’s previous high) and 6.7M for all the night’s runs.  It scored a 2.4 rating in 18-49s at 9PM, with over 3M viewers in that demo.  Considering that only 25% of US households subscribe to HBO, that’s proportionately stronger than the zombies and deities, and makes a Season 4 renewal (not that it was ever in doubt) a foregone conclusion.

This sign of the times is worth noting.  During the 9PM hour last night, approximately 29 million people were watching just 3 cable networks:  AMC, History Channel and HBO.  In that same hour, the 4 broadcast networks were watched by a total of 22.55 million viewers.  It becomes even more lopsided when the comparison is limited to viewers under 50:  a total of 15 million viewers for the 3 cable networks against just 8 million or so for the 4 broadcasters. This is obviously not apples to apples, since the cable networks hosted tremendous events while it was a slow night for broadcast, with reruns on FOX and NBC in that hour.  But still–it’s a result that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.


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