July 23, 2014



NETWORK UPDATE:  EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS and CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP each gained 0.1 in final numbers.

TUESDAY CABLE:  THE DEADLIEST CATCH (Discovery), PRETTY LITTLE LIARS (ABCFamily) and RIZZOLI & ISLES (TNT) were bunched together at 1.0, which was up 0.1 for RIZZOLI.  The dramas’ companion shows didn’t fare as well, with both PERCEPTION and CHASING LIFE at 0.5, both steady with last week.  FINDING CARTER (MTV) was also at 0.5, but that was down 0.1 from last week.  (In the teen girl demo, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS ranked #1 for the night at a massive 3.06, CHASING LIFE was at 1.41, and FINDING CARTER at 2.44, which was a downtick for LIFE and an increase for CARTER.  All 3 were in the day’s Top 10 for Females 12-34, LIARS at 2.37, CARTER at 1.48 and LIFE at 1.11.)  THE HAVES AND HAVE NOTS (OWN) was steady at 0.9, as was TYRANT (FX) at 0.5.  On USA, ROYAL PAINS stayed at 0.5, but COVERT AFFAIRS got a much needed boost to 0.4 (really 0.39).  On Comedy Central, DRUNK HISTORY and NATHAN FOR YOU were stable at 0.6/0.4.

Another summer night, another network reality show.

In addition to the traditional adult 18-49 ratings grids below (for last night, the same night last year and same night last week), please take a look at our  new chart further down the page with even more ratings detail for each program last night, including other important demographic segments and total audience size.

Daily Comp 3way 2014 Tue Jul 22

NBC:  FOOD FIGHTERS didn’t show much strength at 1.0–especially compared to the 2.4 for the AMERICA’S GOT TALENT (down 0.2) that followed.  But that was still enough to tie for the lead in the 8PM hour.

ABC:  EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS lost 0.1 to 0.9.  CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP, now facing America’s Got Talent, took a much bigger hit, down 0.3 to a new low 0.8.

CBS:  Reruns, led by 1.0 for NCIS.

FOX:  Reruns, headlined by 0.8 for FAMILY GUY.

CW:  Reruns at 0.3/0.2.

All the networks (except CW) have at least one fresh show on their schedules tonight.


Demo Profile 2014 Tue Jul 22

The chart above looks at nightly numbers beyond the fundamental adult 18-49 rating. For each program, we have listed the three key demographic ratings for advertisers (from youngest to oldest): adults 18-34, adults 18-49, and adults 25-54. While the vast majority of commercial time is sold on the basis of 18-49 delivery, 18-34 and 25-54 are important for particular categories such as fast food and pharmaceuticals, respectively.  Continuing across the page, the demographic share section provides a snapshot of each program’s skew across major segments (women 18-49 vs men 18-49 vs adults 50+). A perfectly balanced audience (equally male and female, equally younger and older) has the same share level in each group, while a difference of 2 or more share points is usually significant. The final column lists the broadcast measure of viewership: the number of total viewers for each program (ages 2 or more), expressed in thousands of people.

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