October 16, 2013



AFTERNOON UPDATE:  All the 8PM shows except THE ORIGINALS were adjusted up 0.1 in final numbers, so their position relative to each other stayed the same–but ABC must be relieved that AGENTS OF SHIELD declined just 0.1 for the week.  At 9PM, SUPERNATURAL went down 0.1, making ORIGINALS the highest -rated CW show of the night.  The most interesting change was at 10PM, where CHICAGO FIRE declined 0.1 and PERSON OF INTEREST rose by the same amount, leaving NBC just barely in the lead for the hour by 0.1 (tied with SONS OF ANARCHY on FX), despite its much bigger lead-in.  As usual, CBS was far ahead in the older-skewing total viewer numbers.

The return of The Biggest Loser changed Tuesday’s landscape a bit.

Daily Comparison 2013 Tue Oct 15 three way

NBC:  THE VOICE reverted to its standard 1-hour Tuesday format last night, with THE BIGGEST LOSER taking the 8PM hour. That show debuted with 2.2, down 0.8 from last week’s Voice clip show, and down a huge 2.5 from the last regular episode of The Voice 2 weeks ago.  The Voice itself was at 3.9, up 0.9 from the clip show, but off 0.6 from 2 weeks ago.  Showing once again how closely tied CHICAGO FIRE‘s fate is to its lead-in, Fire‘s 2.4 was up 0.3 from the clip show, but down 0.4 from 2 weeks ago.  (Fire may come down further in final numbers, based on its big 0.5 drop during the course of its hour.)

ABC:  Despite the much weaker competition on NBC, AGENTS OF SHIELD continued to fall, down another 0.2 to 2.7.  It’s now lost about 45% of its series premiere rating.  As SHIELD goes, so goes the rest of ABC’s Tuesday, so THE GOLDBERGS hit a new low 1.6 (down 0.3), which may slip more in final numbers since it started at 9:01PM, and TROPHY WIFE a new low 1.3 (down 0.1).  A SCANDAL rerun wrapped up the night at 0.7, down 0.2 from last week’s repeat.

CBS:  NCIS benefited from NBC’s 8PM weakness and rose 0.2 from last week to 3.0.  NCIS, facing stronger competition, was only able to match last week’s 2.6 despite the hype for its 100th episode.  PERSON OF INTEREST was up 0.1 to 2.1, and it’s noteworthy that in the 10:30PM half-hour, once Chicago Fire‘s lead-in wore off, the two shows were tied.

FOX:  Even DADS appreciated the arrival of Biggest Loser, up 0.1 to 1.4.  BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, though, only matched last week’s 1.5.  Against a non-clip Voice, NEW GIRL fell 0.3 to 1.8, while THE MINDY PROJECT was even at 1.4.

CW:  A very good night for the semi-network, as THE ORIGINALS rose 0.2 to 1.1, matching CW’s longtime hit SUPERNATURAL (which was down 0.1).  Back-to-back ratings over 1.0 are about as good as things get for CW.

FOX airs Game 4 of the MLB AMERICAN LEAGUE PLAYOFFS tonight, and ABC has one of the young season’s first preemptions, with a special TOY STORY OF TERROR in lieu of The Middle.


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