March 8, 2013


You know it’s a weird night when the clearest-cut winner is Community.

FOX:  As of this morning’s preliminary numbers, FOX won the night, but it’s loaded with asterisks.  AMERICAN IDOL‘s 3.5 may change because it ran until 9:32PM–for now, it’s down 0.3 from last week, and down a giant 1.4 from this time last year.  GLEE is currently reporting a huge rise of 0.8 from last week, but again that reflects a chunk of the Idol audience and will likely come down.  Even if the number held, though, it would only be up 0.2 from what last year’s canceled The Finder did on the same night.

CBS:  THE BIG BANG THEORY is currently at 5.4, down 0.2 from its last new episode but nicely up 0.3 from this time last year.  It’s startling to note just how wide the margin has become between Big Bang and Idol–a year ago, it was news that the sitcom had edged Idol out.  2 1/2 MEN was even with its last new episode at 3.9.  PERSON OF INTEREST was down a tick to 2.8 (down 0.6 from last year, but that installment didn’t have to face Idol).  A 1.6 rerun of ELEMENTARY rounded out the night, easily winning the hour.

NBC:  For no clear reason, COMMUNITY shot up 0.3 to a not-bad-for-NBC 1.5, which was slightly higher than what 30 Rock had done on the same night last year.  That didn’t help 1600 PENN, which tied its 0.9 low.  The rest of the night was reruns, “highlighted” by a 1.1 for THE OFFICE.

ABC:  An all-rerun night, led by 1.2 for SHARK TANK.


Tonight is a key one for NBC, which returns GRIMM to its air after months of hiatus. and also launches a new season of FASHION STAR.  They face new competition on all the other networks, including what is now the slightly confusing single run of GOLDEN BOY before it goes back to its newly-appointed Tuesday slot.

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