November 9, 2014

Year to Date Box Office & Worldwide Studio Scorecard 11.9.2014

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Written by: Mitch Metcalf
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WORLDWIDE STUDIO SCORECARD.  Big Hero 6 has pushed Disney into a solid second place, giving it some distance from #3 Warner Brothers.  Interstellar has allowed Paramount to pull into 4th place, passing Sony and drawing fairly close to Warner Brothers (with Paramount boasting a much higher hit-to-miss ration than Warner Brothers has).  

Scroll down for domestic and overseas grosses for each film individually so far in 2014.

Studio YTD 2014 as of 2014 Nov 09

YEAR TO DATE BOX OFFICE. Looking at North American box office, 2014 is still running -5% behind last year and -3% below the average for this point the past four years ($8.226 billion).  Over the same period, Hollywood films have grossed $20.9 billion worldwide when we add overseas box office.

A reminder: we define the start of each year as the first Monday after New Year’s Day, and our year ends on the Sunday after New Year’s Day the following calendar year.  (The most recent week’s numbers are based on weekend estimates, which are usually at worst a couple of percentage points off from the final weekend tallies.)

(billions) Weeks 1-44
North America Worldwide
2014 $7.985 $20.901 Jan 6-Nov 9
2013 $8.418 n/a Jan 7-Nov 10
2012 $8.368 n/a Jan 2-Nov 4
2011 $7.936 n/a Jan 3-Nov 6
2010 $8.180 n/a Jan 4-Nov 7

The past six weeks in North America are now +8% ahead of the same period last year (below the +11% pace last week and way off the +18% pace two weeks ago) and now +14% ahead of the four-year average for the similar six-week period ($0.847 billion).

North American Box Office PAST SIX WEEKS
2014 $0.963 since Sep 29
2013 $0.896 since Sep 30
2012 $0.906 since Sep 24
2011 $0.758 since Sep 26
2010 $0.829 since Sep 27

WORLDWIDE GROSSES BY FILM TITLE.  Interstellar enters the 2014 worldwide chart at #27 (with much more overseas revenue to come to push it up the rankings).  Big Hero 6 starts at #29 (also with a lot of overseas revenue to come).  

International 2014 through 2014 Nov 09

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