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THE SKED Sunday Cable Scorecard – 10/27/13

  AMC:  In the single least-surprising development of the season (perhaps the century), THE WALKING DEAD has just been renewed for a 5th season.  Slightly more surprisingly, it appears as though Scott M. Gimple, with sur...
by Mitch Salem



  AMC:  THE WALKING DEAD couldn’t hold at last week’s premiere mega-numbers, but it didn’t fall off much, with a still-gigantic 7.1 for the 9PM airing (down from 8.2 last week), plus 1.6 from re-airings....
by Mitch Salem



THE SKED Sunday Cable Scorecard – 10/13/13

  One guess what’s on top.  The surprise, though, is how little the walkers fed off their competition. AMC:  We already know that THE WALKING DEAD literally topped almost everything else in primetime television all...
by Mitch Salem