May 28, 2017

Behind the US/Worldwide Weekend Box Office – 5.28.2017


OPENINGS:  PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES (Disney) easily took the weekend worldwide, but it’s another diminishing franchise.  In the US, it had a $62.2M 3-day opening, and although Memorial Day will push that to around $76M, on a 3-day-to-3-day basis, it’s down 30% from 2011’s On Stranger Tides (it’s likely to be down 25% even with both Mondays included), and the 4-day slide is more than 50% compared to At World’s End, which opened on Memorial Day weekend in 2007.  The international numbers are inevitably higher with $208M in all major territories except Japan.  But even there, On Stranger Tides opened with $260.4M (including Japan).  And the international number isn’t as strong as it looks, because while China contributed $20M to the opening for On Stranger Tides, the Dead Men opening there was $67.8M, meaning that the non-China international opening was down 42%, which is important because China allows studios to retain a much lower percentage of gross than the rest of the world.  Dead Men could get to $800M worldwide (the US may not even contribute $200M of that), but it’s going to be significantly less profitable than On Stranger Tides, and it may be hard to justify another $400M pricetag for the next installment.

BAYWATCH (Shanghai/Huahua/Skydance/Paramount) was more dismal, with a $18.1M 3-day opening ($22.7M including Thursday) that might reach $27M with Monday.  It’s heading for a $60M US total, and will require major international success (it’s had a negligible release outside the US so far) just to earn back its $175M in costs, let alone provide a basis for sequels.  It’s a particular disappointment after Dwayne Johnson’s comedy success with Central Intelligence, which opened with $35.5M and legged out a $135.5M total.  This one is going to be more like 2010’s The Tooth Fairy, a $14M 3-day opener that ended at $60M.

HOLDOVERS:  ALIEN: COVENANT (TSG/20th) has shifted from disappointment to flop, completely dislodged by the arrival of Pirates.  In the US, it fell 71% despite the holiday weekend to $10.5M (which might get to $13M with Monday), and overseas it managed just $10.8M ($101M total) playing everywhere except China and Japan.  The US total looks like $80M, and internationally it can hope that China will spark it to $200M, which won’t be enough to offset costs that start with $250M for production/marketing.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 2 (Marvel/Disney) hit a milestone this weekend, passing the first Guardians in the US with a $333.2M total to date.  It’s still holding well, down 43% to $19.9M (which should be $25M with Monday), and could get as high as $375M.  Overseas it’s on the decline with a $8.6M weekend, but may reach $475M, also above the first Guardians total.  The only mild disappointment for Disney is that there were hopes Guardians 2 would shoot up from the first, and while the global total of $850M is great, it’s up a mere 10% from the original.

Moving off the blockbuster beat, EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING (MGM/Warners) dropped 47% to $6.2M ($7.5M with Monday), and is heading toward $35M in the US.  It hasn’t yet opened overseas.  DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: THE LONG HAUL (Color Force/20th) fell 38% to $4.4M ($5.5M with Monday), on its way to $25M in the US, and with $2.7M from the start of its international campaign.

SNATCHED (20th) isn’t showing any traction, down 50% to $3.9M ($5M with Monday) en route to $50M in the US, and with $9.5M early in its overseas run.

KING ARTHUR: LEGEND OF THE SWORD (Village Roadshow/RatPac/Warners) kept sinking, down 55% in the US to $3.2M ($4M with Monday) and a sad likely $40M in the US, and with $85.2M overseas after a $10M weekend.

The spring’s family hits are reaching their final numbers.  THE BOSS BABY (DreamWorks Animation/20th) dipped 40% to $1.7M over the 3-day weekend and may get to $175M, with $307.2M internationally after a $2.9M weekend.  BEAUTY & THE BEAST (Disney) hit $500.6M in the US after a 39% slide to $1.6M for the 3-day weekend, and is at $732M overseas with a $3.8M weekend.

Another milestone:  THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS (Universal) hit $1B in overseas box office alone after a $3.3M weekend.  In the US, it’s at $222.5M after a 55% to $1.5M.  The worldwide $1.22B is down 35% from Furious 7 in the US, and down 16% overseas.

LIMITED RELEASE:  No significant indie launched over the holiday weekend, but there were several expansions.  THE LOVERS (A24) moved into near-wide release at 443 theatres, but with an unexciting $1500 per-theatre average over the 3-day weekend.  PARIS CAN WAIT (Sony Classics) averaged a moderate $6500 after widening to 70.  THE WEDDING PLAN (Roadside) averaged $3400 at 91.

NEXT WEEKEND:  WONDER WOMAN (Wanda/Ten Cent/DC/Warners) steps up to the plate for the embattled DC comics franchise.  CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS (DreamWorks Animation/20th) will hope to pick up from its stablemate The Boss Baby.  Limited releases include CHURCHILL (Cohen Media), BAND AID (IFC) and DEAN (CBS). 




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