February 20, 2012


>Three films join the worldwide box office tracking chart this weekend.  With a profile similar to Tintin‘s (very good overseas appeal but limited domestic interest), The Secret World of Arrietty is just outside of the top 10 movies over the last three months.  The anime import from Japan has grossed $126 million overseas, but we are projecting it maxes out at $25 million in North America.  This Means War has grossed $11 million overseas to date, and maybe it gets to $45 million or so internationally to go along with the $49 million final domestic tally we are projecting.  Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance has no overseas revenue yet.  It might reach $85 million overseas (the first Ghost Rider took in $113 million overseas) to go along with our projected $58 million domestic final.

The Vow and Safe House both roughly doubled their overseas gross, to $23 million and $20 million, respectively.  But Journey 2 remains the international player from last weekend’s crop, thanks to its overseas head start.  The sequel is now up to $128 million overseas, on its way to matching the $140 million overseas total for Journey to the Center of the Earth in July 2008. 

And how about The Descendants, now sitting at $156 million projected worldwide. Not bad for a lower-budget, serious movie without special effects, 3D, explosions or comic book superheroes.


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