July 20, 2011

THE BIJOU: Daily Tracks of Top Opening Weekend Films – Updated

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Written by: Mitch Salem
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>UPDATE from Mitch SalemHarry Potter’s Tuesday continued strong, with $15.4M in the US (total of $202.6M).  This 15% drop from Monday is just about the same as The Dark Knight had on its first Tuesday, although Dark Knight had a higher Monday, so its Tuesday was correspondingly higher ($20.9M, edging ahead of Potter with a total of $203.8M).  It’s much better than Spiderman 3‘s first Tuesday, which had a 22% drop to $8M.  Dark Knight‘s second weekend was $75M and Spiderman 3‘s was $58M, so this may suggest a weekend for Harry that’s closer to the Bat’s.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 had a good first Monday, much better than Spider-Man 3’s but below Dark Knight’s.  The movies listed below have the top three opening weekends of all time, and the table clearly puts into perspective how massive the opening day was for Harry — extremely far ahead of both Dark Night and Spider-Man 3.  But Potter’s Saturday and Sunday ranks behind both of the other movies.  

The Monday results really make a big difference — Dark Knight was put on track that almost completely catches up to Harry Potter in terms of total box office to date (see second table), while Spider-Man 3 continued to lag behind the other two films in terms of total business.   

Daily Track — First Four Days — Top Opening Weekends

           Potter8  Dark Knight  Spider-Man3
Friday        $91        $67        $60
Saturday      $42        $48        $51
Sunday        $36        $44        $40
Monday        $18        $24        $10

Cumulative Track — First Four Days — Top Opening Weekends

           Potter8  Dark Knight  Spider-Man3
Friday        $91        $67        $60
Saturday      $133       $115       $111
Sunday        $169       $158       $151
Monday        $187       $183       $161

We will continue to track these three films throughout the week as numbers become available.

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