July 15, 2012

WEEKEND STUDIO ESTIMATES July 13-15: A Bit of a Slowdown Before the Dark Knight Next Week

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Written by: Mitch Metcalf
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Before next weekend’s arrival of a bona fide hit, The Dark Knight Rises, this weekend was highlighted by a bit of a summer movie poser: Ice Age: Continental Drift (an estimated $46.0 million opening weekend, missing our forecast in Wednesday’s ShowbuzzDaily Weekend Predictions), looking less like a summer movie that should be given a weekend to itself and more like a strong spring entry (where this franchise started and where Ice Age 5 should retreat to).     Down a very credible 44% in its second weekend, Amazing Spider-Man has been upgraded above $300 million domestic.

The box office volume for the top 12 films is looking like $152 million for the weekend, down substantially from comparable weekend in previous years.


The ShowbuzzDaily Domestic Final estimates for films opening wide this weekend:  Ice Age: Continental Drift ($177 million initial estimate).

Second week films: The Amazing Spider-Man ($302 million, up from $289 million last week), Savages ($53 million, up slightly from last week) and Katy Perry: Part of Me ($30 million, up from last week).

Third week films: Ted ($224 million, up for the second week in a row), Magic Mike ($118 million, a slight rebound from last week), Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection ($65 million, even with last week) and People Like Us ($15 million, similar to the last few weeks).

Fourth week films: Brave ($234 million, down slightly from last week) and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter ($37 million, even with last week).


Weekend 28: July 13-15, 2012 ($ millions)
vs Last Wknd Wknd Studio Proj. Showbuzz Domestic Final
Ice Age: Continental Drift Fox 46.0 177
Amazing Spider-Man Sony -44% 35.0 302
Ted Uni -31% 22.1 224
Brave Dis -45% 10.7 234
Magic Mike WB -42% 9.0 118
Savages Uni -45% 8.7 53
TP’s Madea’s Witness Protection LG -45% 5.6 65
Katy Perry: Part of Me Par -48% 3.7 30
Moonrise Kingdom Foc Uni -19% 3.7 47
Madagascar 3 Par DW -53% 3.5 216
To Rome with Love Uni -18% 2.5 14


ICE AGE series track(20th Century Fox) (millions dollars)
Critics% Pos Release OpeningWeekend DomesticTotal OverseasTotal WorldwideTotal
Ice Age 77% 3.15.2002 $46.3 $176 $207 $383
Ice Age: Meltdown 57% 3.31.2006 $68.0 $195 $460 $655
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 45% 7.1.2009 $41.7 $197 $690 $887
Ice Age: Continental Drift 40% 7.13.2012 $46.0-est  $177-est

Total Box Office Volume

The Top 12 Films this weekend are looking like $152 million total Friday-Sunday, down 27% from the same calendar weekend last year and down 40% from the average for this weekend the past four years.

($ millions)
WEEKEND #28 Weekend Volume: Top 12 Films Top Movies Opening Each Weekend
2012 $152 Ice Age Continental Drift $46
2011 $252 Harry Potter Deathly Hallows 2 $169
2010 $171 Inception $63, Sorcerer’s Apprentice $18
2009 $152 Harry Potter Half-Blood Prince $78
2008 $254 Dark Knight $158, Mamma Mia! $28
Avg 2008-11 $207

Next Weekend

Opening wide next weekend is The Dark Knight Rises from Warner Brothers.  This film will be compared to the following openers from the same weekend last year:  Captain America ($65.1 million opening weekend) and Friends with Benefits ($18.6 million).

Check back later today for our update on international grosses.

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