May 14, 2014

NIELSENWAR 2014-15 Trailer Review: CBS’s “The McCarthys”


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THE MCCARTHYS:  Thursday 9:30PM on CBS

THE FACTS:  Ronnie McCarthy (Jake Lacy) is part of a lovingly smothering Boston Irish-Catholic family, who are just fine with him being gay but embarrass him at every turn anyway.  The series was created by Brian Gallivan, a relative newbie, so the showrunner will be Mike Sikowitz, of Rules of Engagement and many other sitcoms.

WHAT IT’S SAYING:  Mere gayness can’t stand in the way of a down-the-middle multi-camera CBS family comedy.  Everybody insults everybody else, but they’d all take bullets for each other, and hey, the (sweetened) studio audience thinks they’re hilarious.

WHAT IT’S REALLY SAYING:  The Millers plus a gay character, and without the starry cast.  If you think it’s hilarious that a gay man wouldn’t know that Miami’s basketball team is called the Heat but can’t bear to miss an episode of The Good Wife live–welcome home.

THE OUTLOOK:  The final season of 2 1/2 Men will provide a sturdy lead-in, but this feels like another timeslot success, without anything to make it distinctive enough to carry an hour on its own.  Post-Modern Family, there’s no particular excitement about having a gay brother in a family sitcom.  Still, while not the breakout comedy CBS really needs, it’s a role-player, and could serve a purpose as such.

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