July 1, 2012


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Written by: Mitch Metcalf
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Ted now looks like a $54.1 million opening weekend, according to the studio estimate this morning (exceeding our forecast in Wednesday’s ShowbuzzDaily Weekend Predictions).  Warner Brothers has pulled Magic Mike’s weekend estimate below $40 million, while Madea’s Witness Protection is down a bit to $26.4 million.   Brave is on track for a 49% decline (a very average number and worse than quality animation can do), but the film is still on pace for a $220 million domestic gross.     

All in all a pretty good weekend, with a critical mass of popular films playing simultaneously.  The box office volume for the top 12 films is looking like $197 million for the weekend, about the same as it looked yesterday and up versus prior years.


The ShowbuzzDaily Domestic Final estimates for films opening wide this weekend: Ted ($170 million), Magic Mike ($129 million), Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection ($83 million) and People Like Us ($16 million).

Second week films: Brave ($220 million, even with last week’s initial estimate), Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter ($38 million, down slightly from last week) and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World ($8 million, down from last week).

Third week films:  Rock of Ages ($43 million, back down to the first week estimate) and That’s My Boy ($42 million, down slightly from last week).

Fourth week films:  Madagascar 3 ($220 million, down a touch from last week) and Prometheus ($133 million, down slightly from last week).

Fifth week films:  Snow White and the Huntsman ($158 million, even with last week).

Weekend 26: June 29-July 1, 2012 ($ millions)
vs Last Wknd Wknd Studio Proj. Showbuzz Domestic Final
Ted Uni 54.1 170
Magic Mike WB 39.2 129
Brave Dis Pix -49% 34.0 220
TP’s Madea’s Witness Protection LG 26.4 83
Madagascar 3 Par DW -40% 11.8 220
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Fox -63% 6.0 38
Prometheus Fox -50% 4.9 133
Moonrise Kingdom Foc Uni +44% 4.9 n/a
Snow White and the Huntsman Uni -46% 4.4 158
People Like Us Dis 4.3 16
Marvel’s The Avengers Dis -41% 4.2 609
Men in Black 3 Par -49% 2.9 183


Total Box Office Volume

The Top 12 Films this weekend are looking like $197 million total Friday-Sunday, much better than we forecast Wednesday, up 3% from the same calendar weekend last year but more significantly up 16% from the average for this weekend the past four years.

($ millions)
WEEKEND #26 Weekend Volume: Top 12 Films Top Movies Opening Each Weekend
2012 $197 Ted $54, Magic Mike $39, Madea’s Witness Protection $26
2011 $192 Transformers Dark Moon $98, Larry Crowne $13
2010 $181 Twilight Eclipse $65, Last Airbender $40
2009 $156 Ice Age Dawn Dinosaurs $42, Public Enemies $25
2008 $153 Hancock $63
Avg 2008-11 $170

Next Weekend

Opening wide next weekend are The Amazing Spider-Man from Sony (actually opening Tuesday), Katy Perry: Part of Me from Paramount (opening Thursday) and Savages from Universal (opening Friday).  These films will be compared to the following openers from the same weekend last year:  Horrible Bosses ($28.3 million opening weekend) and Zookeeper ($20.1 million).

Check back later today for our update on international grosses.

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