October 18, 2011

The Sked: PROMO WATCH — Through Monday October 17

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Written by: Mitch Salem
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>On ABC, Man Up!, Revenge and Once Upon a Time are now the top three on-air promotion priorities over the past week.  Of course, Man Up! and Once Upon premiere this week, and ABC is clearly standing behind Revenge, which had a promising uptick last week.  In order to show the most relevant and stable information, the table below now will be adjusted each morning to show the amount of promotion over the most recent week.

Over the past week, Grimm has moved into second place on the NBC priority list, just behind Prime Suspect, which NBC is stubbornly trying to will to success.  Last night Grimm received 30 seconds of time in the second hour of The Sing-Off (the same amount as the next night’s Parenthood and Biggest Loser).  NBC has eased off the throttle on Whitney, which hasn’t been promoted in the last two sampled nights of programming and has fallen to the #5 position on the priority list.  Finally, NBC News has changed the promos up for Brian Williams’ new show Rock Center.  Gone is the talking to the camera spot “the set will have a pasta bar over there”.  Now Brian is in a 30 Rock elevator greeting contributors to his new show (Ted Koppel, Harry Smith, among others) — still an attempt to be funny but a little bit more tangible about what the show will be.

Without any new shows about to premiere, CBS has made its top three priorities this past week the new dramas Person of Interest and Unforgettable, as well as Big Bang TheoryUnforgettable received 40 seconds of time in the How I Met Your Mother and 2 Broke Girls hour last night, an unusually high number for CBS.  It’s time to go all in on a struggling show like Unforgettable as the sampling period of the new season draws to a close.  Also, Rules of Engagement (which is further down the CBS chart) received 25 seconds of promo time in the 8-9 comedy hour to support its return to schedule on Thursday. 

Last night’s Terra Nova had less than one minute of network promotion total, a very light load.  House received 25 seconds, The X Factor 20 and MLB Postseason 10 seconds.  But with the World Series and its schedule disruptions coming up, FOX probably figures they’ll just reset the schedule after baseball mercilessly ends.  Over the past week, the top three priorities for FOX: MLB Postseason, The X Factor, and Bones.

Over the Last Seven Days 
(# of promo-seconds)
Dates sampled: October 11-13 & 16-17, 2011

  Man Up!            145

  Revenge            120
  Once Upon a Time   105
  Pan Am             95
  Happy Endings      80
  Desperate Hswvs    65
  Last Man Standing  55
  Castle             45
  Suburgatory        45
  Dancing…Stars    40
  Wed Comedy Lineup  30

  Grey’s Anatomy     30
  Modern Family      25
  20/20              15
  Extreme Mak. Home  15
  The Chew           05
  Person of Interest 120

  Unforgettable      100
  Big Bang Theory    90
  Good Wife          70
  A Gifted Man       60
  Amazing Race       60
  Survivor           60
  CSI                50
  The Mentalist      50
  Blue Bloods        50
  NCIS: LA           40
  NCIS               35
  Rules Engagement   35
  Criminal Minds     30
  CSI: Miami         30
  Hawaii Five-O      30
  CSI: New York      30

  Two Half Men       20
  The Talk           20
  Late Show          20

  CBS News           20
  2 Broke Girls      20
  Mike & Molly       10
  NFL on CBS         10
  How I Met Mother   10

  Prime Suspect      105
  Grimm              100
  Up All Night       95
  L&O: SVU           60

  Whitney            50
  Rock Center        45
  The Office         40
  Parenthood         30

  Biggest Loser      30

  Harry’s Law        30
  Leno/Fallon        25
  Sunday Night FB    25
  Community          10

  Chuck              15
  MLB Postseason     140

  The X Factor       80

  Bones              75
  Terra Nova         60
  Kitchen Nightmares 40
  House              25

  Allen Gregory      25
  Fringe             25

  NFL on FOX         10

Programs Sampled
Mon Oct 17 2011: 9:00-10:00 pm portion of Dancing with the Stars, How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls, 9:00-10:00 portion of The Sing-Off, Terra Nova

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