October 17, 2011

The Sked: PROMO WATCH — Update through Sunday October 16

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Written by: Mitch Salem
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>CBS promoted an incredible 18 different programs inside 60 Minutes Sunday night, with an average 15 seconds per promo.  With Andy Rooney out of the program, the network has more promo time in the hour until they reformat the show.  But instead of using the time to run some high-impact, longer-length spots, CBS continues to use its usual :10s, :15s or :20s.  But they are #1 this fall, so maybe their strategy is just fine — it just seems like a missed opportunity.

Within Desperate Housewives last night, ABC gave as much time to Man Up! as Once Upon a Time, which premieres on the night next week.  ABC is clearly committed to comedy and building off the initial success of Last Man Standing.  The Man Up! spot was specifically shot to appeal to female audiences of the ABC Sunday spots (hot shirtless guy joining the cast of Man Up! in the promo).  A little clunky but you have to give them credit for trying to tailor the message.

NBC gave Grimm the lion’s share of the available promo time in the first hour of Sunday Night Football.  The new Friday drama (which premieres October 28) is now the #3 priority for the network since early October.  Up All Night also got some time for the birth flashback episode (which airs this week).  And in the complete waste of time department, Harry’s Law received 15 seconds in football last night.   

Bones is now the top priority for FOX again.  The quirky investigative crime procedural and Terra Nova were hit the most in the sampled hour of The X Factor last night.   

(# of promo-seconds)
Dates sampled: October 9-13 & 16, 2011

  Last Man Standing  140

  Revenge            135
  Man Up!            125

  Once Upon a Time   105
  Pan Am             105
  Dancing…Stars    85
  Wed Comedy Lineup  75
  Happy Endings      65

  Suburgatory        45
  Desperate Hswvs    45

  Castle             45
  Body of Proof      30
  Grey’s Anatomy     30

  Modern Family      25
  20/20              15
  The Chew           05
  Person of Interest 160

  Unforgettable      120
  Big Bang Theory    90
  CSI                75
  Good Wife          70
  NCIS: LA           65
  NCIS               60
  A Gifted Man       60
  Amazing Race       60
  Survivor           55
  The Mentalist      50
  Blue Bloods        50
  Mike & Molly       50
  Criminal Minds     50

  CSI: Miami         50
  Hawaii Five-O      40

  Two Half Men       35
  CSI: New York      30
  The Talk           20
  Late Show          20
  Rules Engagement   20

  CBS News           20
  NFL on CBS         10
  2 Broke Girls      10
  How I Met Mother   10
  Prime Suspect      130
  Up All Night       125
  Grimm              110
  Whitney            90
  L&O: SVU           60

  The Office         50
  Parenthood         45

  Sing-Off           30
  Biggest Loser      30
  Rock Center        30

  Harry’s Law        30
  Leno/Fallon        25
  Sunday Night FB    25
  Community          20

  Chuck              15
  Bones              165
  MLB Postseason     160

  The X Factor       120

  Terra Nova         120
  House              80

  Allen Gregory      55
  Fringe             40
  Kitchen Nightmares 40

  Family Guy         30
  NFL on FOX         10

Programs Sampled
Sun Oct 16 2011: Desperate Housewives, 60 Minutes, 8:30-9:30 portion of Sunday Night Football, 8:00-9:00 portion of The X Factor

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